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Jul 11, 2011 12:00pm EDT
and democrats appear to be far apart. the big sticking point is taxes. the president says any agreement must include revenue increases but republicans are fiercely opposed. >> to get a big package would require a big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. we think it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> if no deal is reached by august 2, the u.s. may not be able to borrow money to keep the government running and could default on its massive loans. >> if they don't act we face cats troverric damage to the american economy. >> some republicans favor cutting spending by $2 trillion. they use the obama administration of scare tactics claiming the u.s. has the money. it will not default and that there is no reason to panic. >> both sides are scheduled to meet again later today. >>> two years after being rescued from her kidnappers, jaycee dugard talks about her time in captivity in a television interview. >> her nightmare began in 1991 when she was snatched from a school bus stop by a couple at the age of eleven. she was h
Jul 15, 2011 12:00pm EDT
said we have a fine day shaping up. we'll have a fine evening shaping up. that's a big deal. the baltimore orioles are in town playing the indians. the heros of america's great north coast. the game thyme, 7:05. we'll start the work with the orioles this week on the family food drive. it's a very, very important event to us. we want you to come out. you couldn't ask for a finer night of a baseball game. ernie banks would say, we have the teams and the balls and bats, let's play! tim williams has the details, coming up shortly. now, throwing it back inside. >>> wjz and masn are teaming up to feed the hungry and homeless. brink -- bring along nonperishable food items for the oriole food drive. wjz staffers will be collecting the donations at the gate. tonight, it's moe, andrea and ron. sunday, it's denise, mary, jessica and stan and mike hellgren. that's part of the continuing communitiy commitment. thank you very much. >>> still to come at noon. a run in near a runway. how the jets collided. >>> play ball! lawmakers take the debt battle to the baseball field? >>> and take ano
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2